About Maharashtra

Maharashtra Is A State In The Western Region Of India. And Is India's Second-Most Populous State And Third-Largest State By Area. Spread Over 307,713 Km2 (118,809 Sq Mi), It Is Bordered By The Arabian Sea To The West And The Indian States Of Karnataka, Telangana, Goa, Madhya Pradesh And The Union Territory Of Dadra And Nagar Haveli. It Is Also The World's Second-Most Populous Subnational Entity. It Has Over 112 Million Inhabitants And Its Capital, Mumbai. Has A Population Of Approximately 18 Million Making It The Most Populous Urban Area In India. Nagpur Hosts The Winter Session Of The State Legislature. Pune Is Its Cultural Capital. Pune Is Known As "Oxford Of The East" Due To The Presence Of Several Well-Known Educational Institutions.The Godavari And The Krishna Are The Two Major Rivers In The State. The Narmada And Tapti Rivers Flow Near The Border Between Maharashtra And Madhya Pradesh And Gujarat. Maharashtra Is The Third Most Urbanized State Of India